ABOUT: Kevin Clarke

Kevin Clarke is a creative force. The main subjects in Kevin’s work are humor and satire mixed in with a bit of drama. Kevin is also an accomplished illustrator and painter and doodler. Over the last 15 years Kevin has had many exhibitions of his 2d work and continues to have more. Kevin is also a writer and performer, Kevin has written for other people and performed his own material in many guises and continues to do so. Workshops have always been a part of his work; Kevin has worked with a number of different community groups, galleries and with event companies to create theatrical and creative workshops.

Kevin works around themes and ideas that arise in pop culture; through satire he deconstructs ideas and notions to take them apart and to examine them. Identity and character writing and drawing are at the heart of Kevin’s work.

Kevin always works in design and for ten years sold his work on market stalls and shops in and around London, including, Camden market, Broadway market, Brick lane market, Portabella market and shops in London. Kevin has designed T-shirts, greetings cards, mugs, illustrations, home wares and gift ware and continues to do so.

Kevin has also organized and produced events over the years, including setting up a specialized makers market with in Camden Lock markets, managing and sourcing people for it.  He also organized a Christmas market at the Bethnal Greens working men;s club that was featured in Time Out. As well as this Kevin also worked for a number of years with The Camden Collective, which was a makers shop were Kevin sold his goods for over three years. Kevin also set up a four-day market event at a space in Brick lane to showcase over thirty new artists and designers.

Kevin has also worked setting up group exhibitions and charity performance events, including a danceathon he organized for the charity ‘ Black Dog” And an exhibition he organized for over 17 artist to show called “Saints n Sinners”

Kevin has also collaborated on a t-shirt project with event company ‘Sink The Pink’ and created workshops for event company “Amy Grimehouse” and performed and collaborated at “Debbie Club” Kevin has also produces workshops for the Tate Exchange, the Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Trust.

Most recently Kevin is writing and performing and collaborating with artist Amy Pennington on L.A.L project, and working on a Poetry/D.a.d.a workshop.